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central highlands


rain 22 °C

so we got completely spoiled as soon as we arived to dalat. our hotel room has 2 beds, a tv (with english channels), a bathroom (with toilet paper), a mini fridge, a kettle, a desk and 2 loungers, all for $5 each. we went out to explore the town and had got quite aways from our hotel when it started to pour, by the time we got back to our hotel we looked like a couple of drowned rats. good thing we had cable!

the next day we rented a motobike and went to explore the towns. alison navigated through the city great even tackling some traffic circles. we came to our first stop the crazy house. a wacky architectual wonder that looks like if tim burton and disney had a baby and the baby happened to be a house this would be it. next we rode 7 km out of tơn to dalanta falls. we got a bobsled and flew down the tracks an exhilirating ride! at the bottom the waterfall Was crowded so we snapped a few pics before getting towed back up by the bobsled. we cruised through the green treed laced roads back to town and around Xuan Huong Lake to the botanical flower gardens. it began to look like it ứa going to rain again (as ift often does in the highlands) so we saught shelter in a cafe for lunch. the rain never stopped and eventually we had to face it again so we jumped back on grabbed a couple bottles of wine (ít not only rain country its wine country) some nice gouda cheese and crackers and retreated to our rooms.

later we still had the bike and the rain had let up a bit so we decided to go out in search of supper. our efforts completely backfired and we ended up getting lost in the dark on the crazy streets headed out of town a few kilometers from where we started oh boy. we were happy to find our hostel again and ate supper at the cafe next door.

today we felt poor and a bit travelled out and i literally spent the whole day in my pj's walking around the guesthouse with no shame, around 4 i decided to take a shower and brush my teeth, perhaps later today i will venture out for food but i have to say thí lazy day so far has bên great, perhaps ill drink more wine.

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if maui and drumheller had a baby...

mui ne

sunny 30 °C

our hostel in mui ne happened to be right on the beach as well as it had its ơn pool, so we knew immedietly we were going to like it there. we jumped on a jeep tour with a older couple named brad and gail from sydney. our first stop; the fairy springs. its hard to explain the fairy springs but they may be my favorite thing in nature i have ever seen. you walk down a shallow red mud stream first surounded by dếnse folliage on either side. then the terain changes on one side to stark white sand formations similar to the hoo doos in drumheller. further down the sides switch and the formerlly densese folliage area morphs into masive white and red sand dunes and the otherside to stunning folliage. the móst stunning and dramatic landscape switch i have seen in my life. on our way to the dunes we past a harbour full of fishing boats, and jumped out for a quick photo.

finally we arrived at the dunes, excited we rented crazy carpets from some kids at the bottom and climbed to the top of the hot sand hills. expecting to fly down we were excited and nervous...in actuallity we had trouble picking up speed at all and spent a lot ò time tryng to get our carpets down the hill. after taht we just walked around the dunes taking in the landscape and enjoying watching the kids dune and the adults roar around on the atv's they had rented. we went to the red dunes next but didnt rent sliders thí time just had a look at the change in landscape. we welcomed the change of this new scenery and had a day we wont soon forget.

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ho chi min, saigon or whatever you want to call it


sunny 32 °C

ok saigon you really impressed me. we arived late and found a family run hotel for cheep, and when i say family run i mean we were literally the only ones in the hotel who wernt family. we ran into the girls from northbattleford by chance on the street and had a few drinks reunion with them before heading back to our room.

the next morning we grabbed breakfast from a bakery and headed out with a map and poor sense of direction in search of the War reminants museum. we finally found it and were rewarded with an amazing exhbit. outside was a variety of tanks, planes and helicopters from both the american and vietnam side of the War. a outside exhibit served as a recreated POW camp which ís quite interesting. inside there is a lot to take in. our favorite exhibit is the agent orange exhbit. a powerful toxin used by the US forces as biochemical Warfare, unfortunatly the chemical alters the dna of people who come into contact with it and results in terible birth defects of other genererations. we had no idea children today are still being born with servere side effects including mental retardation, deformaties and chronic health conditions. a mere 85 grams of thí stuff could wipe out a city of 6 million. another interesting part of the musem í the requim photojournalism section where pictures from all sides of the War taken by many nationalities are showcased. we walked over the market to pick up some essentials and then met the battleford girls for supper.

the next day we jumped on a tour to the cu chi tunnels. our guide, a young man named Po proved to be very informative and quite funny. a great day where we learned alot about the cunning War tactics the vietnamese had to employ agaisnt the american forces being as they were smaller and had less impresive weapons. many of these tactics were crazy booby traps hidden in the forest. the soldiers had dug tunnels in three layers beneith the ground and lived in here during the War. we got a chance to crawl through one of the tunnels, and although widdened to 3x its original size it ứa a pretty tight fit. after 30 meters i welcomed the escape back up to regular ground. i cant imagine living here for months on end.

the rest of the time we spent in saigon we wandered around the streets and down the allys into shops, quite an interesting city we really enjoyed our time here.

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good morning vietnam

phu quoc

rain 29 °C

ok so we finally got to phu quoc and have to admit we were a bit disapointed. it cost a bit to get here and it happened to be pretty much a resort holiday destination. we only stayed about 30 mín in the water the whole time because the jellies and sea lice were so bad we kept getting bit. it rained and thunderstormed the remainder of our time here which resulted in power loss for most of the trip. basically the water í beautiful to look at and the beaches a beautiful white sand. small round wicker looking boats were everywhere which were quaint. all in all it turned out to be an expsxxpensive way to catch up on our reading. o well the food is good and the people are lovely.

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Oh, Hi paradise

sihanoukville and Koh Rong Salem

semi-overcast 31 °C

we arrived to sihanoukville the beachy southern coast of cambodia in time to snatch up some $3 dorm rooms and organize forwarded visas to vietnam. after a marathon of travelling and landing at the beach we decided to go to the cinema. the cinema here is a bit differant you rent a room with a big tv a couch and a blanky and pic a movie from the list. we ordered pizza and falafel and watched black swan, it was a very nice treat!!the next day we clammered down to the beach but were very dissapointed as its full of tourists and pesky 'salesmen'. so we booked a scuba trip out to the remote island of koh rong salem.

the island was simply paradise. perhaps a population of 100 full of jagged coral infused rocks, turquoise waters and old fishing boats. we were given a small rustic cottage which we shared with 3 other room mates....lizzards and their eggs. they were cute but were in the bathroom and about a foot long so we had to keep tabs on them while we peed. our dive sites included eco sea bay, middle of no where, cobia hole and back door. on these dives we seen many fish neat plant life, sting rays, scorpian fish, a weird snail, 2 types of star fish, sole fish and even a small octopus. we did our first night dive which certainly wont be our last!! but durng the night dive a boat came overhead without knowing we were there and our instructor had to pull me down to make sure we didnt get hit. at the end of it we became SSI advanced diver certified. we were even given a camera to take pictures on underwater and got a copy of them, which we will post when we get home! the chefs at the the dive center were 2 amazing cambodian women who made some of the best vegetarian food i ate while in cambodia, and they even let me pound curry with them while laghing at me for being a crazy white girl im sure.

and perhaps the best part of our small island of paradise were all the dogs and cats who cuddled with us while lazing in the hammocks reading books or visiting with other divers between going into the water. it was a lovely way to end our stint in cambodia!

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