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The Ship of the Sky

lost 2 days heading over.

On Feb 20th ali-kat and I jumped aboard a plane in edmonton in search of a wild adventure down under and in indochina. we didnt make it far into the trip when at the first security check alisons bag was kept under the radar for a while. the staff were looking at the xray content and so under my breath i leaned into alison and murmered 'what did you smuggle a water bottle in?' bad move. the staff heard and were not impressed. and later when i went through security in vancouver they swabbed my pockets, hands and inside of my purse for suspicious chemicals....awesome. lesson learned about waterbottle jokes. On the way from vancouver to LA we were stuck between the justin beiber look alike hockey team of 12 year olds, lets just say it was a long flight. from here we jumped on my first double decker plane, 15 hours until melbourne. lucky i passed out within 15 mins of boarding and slept 10 of those 15 hours.

we were so releived to reach ground in melbourne, but we were also stinky and gross and mostly couldnt wait for a shower. So we waited for our baggage with excitment. except no baggage ever came. they left it in LA. great. however the airline 'felt really sorry about it' and offered us some stylish qantas pj's in compensation. i think we got ripped off. lucky alisons sister vicky had gave alison disposible panties which she brought on her carry on so they got us through the next day or two whilst we waited for our luggage. the next day at 4 the luggage arrived, or i should say alisons luggage arrived. mine never made it. after a frustrating call to qantas, my luaggage showed up 3 hours later.

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Bucket List Adventures

A list of goals, of activities instead of places!

1. live in the trees like swiss family robinson
2. splunking
3. get padi certified
4. learn to rock climb, possibly to lead climb
5. hike between towns
6. see cave art
7. take cooking lessons
8. try a meditation lesson
9. climb a mountain
10. watch the sunrise off a high summit
11. home stay with a tribe
12. go whale watching
13. waterfall absailing
14. spend time with monks...not sure if we are allowed to do to much being as we are women but lets try.
15. learn traditional art practices.
16. dr fish
17. ride an elephant.
18. muay thai classes
19. kayaking
20. rafting
21. natural hot springs
22. raft through a cave.

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the beginning

where we are going

map_southeast_asia.jpgthis map shows the countries of which we are travelling to. we land in malaysia at the end of february, from here we travel up to thailand, over to the laos, down to cambodia and then to vietnam. here's to adventure!

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