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a time to say good-bye 28.06.2011
welcome to the jungle 28.06.2011
turquoise waters are ugly 28.06.2011
getting high to feel low 24.06.2011
why hello there dad! 24.06.2011
honk honk goes the motorbike 01.06.2011
hellos and goodbyes 29.05.2011
second star to the right and straight on till morning 20.05.2011
tailor made life 20.05.2011
mud - its not just for children 20.05.2011
central highlands 08.05.2011
if maui and drumheller had a baby... 08.05.2011
ho chi min, saigon or whatever you want to call it 08.05.2011
good morning vietnam 08.05.2011
Oh, Hi paradise 03.05.2011
excuse me while i drive my boat through your bathtub 23.04.2011
Angkor Wow 23.04.2011
S-21 and the killing fields 18.04.2011
forgotten corner of cambodia 18.04.2011
hammocks should be a religion 18.04.2011
stonehenge of jars 18.04.2011
the river styx 17.04.2011
dont let the rain dampen your spirits 07.04.2011
earthquakes, treehouses and ziplining, oh my! 04.04.2011
on the open road 04.04.2011
our first spulunk. 22.03.2011
cold in thailand? you betcha! 22.03.2011
in the land of the ancients 22.03.2011
las vegas on crystal meth- welcome to bangkok 22.03.2011
Reunited and it feels so good 15.03.2011
A Divers Mecca 15.03.2011
Islands of paradise 15.03.2011
journey to thailand. 04.03.2011
The Scenic Route 04.03.2011
A Few Days in Melbourne 25.02.2011
The Ship of the Sky 25.02.2011
Bucket List Adventures 06.02.2011
the beginning 12.01.2011